This Girl was Accepted!

I have been accepted as a senior editor for a new publishing house! And one of my jobs is to scout for amazing romances! So, calling all romance writers be ready I will be calling for submissions! First, I have to complete all my paperwork and get my official login email for the company site! I am excited!

Also, I might be working for a literary agency as well as this publishing agency. lol I am a busy woman. I love helping authors out and I ave been so blessed with each and everyone one of you! I look forward to my new and exciting journey and hope that I can say one day that I have helped so many authors become published authors! 🙂

The literary agency position will lead to a paid jr literary agent position. So, I am looking forward to these new beginnings.

Thank you, everyone! I will keep you all posted asap! 🙂

7 thoughts on “This Girl was Accepted!

    1. Thank you! I have 5 editing jobs each one with a different company. And I was accepted as an article writer as well. My first article idea was approved! And is due this coming tuesday and has to be 650 words. Lol. I am excited.

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        1. Thank you that means a lot. I have two interviews completed and ready to place into March’s Issue. Along with book reviews and a few articles as well as publishing info and writing prompts. 🙂 Im excited for March.

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