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He wasn’t handsome, but his heart was made of gold.

Luke had a way of making me feel so good about myself. He cared more about me being happy and succeeding than trying to seduce me. Not that he wasn’t interested in seducing me..

He was the same like me. A good person who just wanted to be loved by somebody who will love them back.

Two years later….

Luke was excited. He came swinging by telling everyone he was going to be a father! I was shocked but in a good way. I was happy for Luke. At least his life was filled with happiness. Mine was still going nowhere. Before Luke and I were a couple but things changed here at home and I cut Luke away from my life. It was my biggest mistake, I realized later.

“Hey, Jenny. Guess what?”

“Hey, Luke. What has happened that you are so excited about?” I asked him, even though I already heard through the grapevine.

“I am going to be a father!” He looked so happy, I almost cried.

After a few seconds, I noticed he was sweating. Of course it was warm out, but Luke never sweated that much, unless he was doing heavy labor.

“Luke, are you feeling okay?” I asked looking at him with concern.

“I was jus so excited, maybe I worked myself up in a frenzy?” He asked not sure himself.

“Sit down, I will get you some fresh lemonade.”

Rushing into the kitchen, I take out a pitcher fo the freshly made pink lemonade that I made an our ago. I poured it into a glass filled with ice. Rushing back outside, I run out to Luke..

Only he wasn’t sititng up, he was laying down. Walking over to him, I noticed him sweating too much. I went back in and called 911. I ket placing cold wash cloth over his face and neck. Trying to cool  him down until the ambulance came. Finally they came up onto the driveway and lifted him onto a stretcher. Luke was still conscious, but for how much longer. He didn’t look too good. And what was with the sweating too much? They finally left, leaving me standing there watching silently.

Four months later..

It was raining heavily today. Of all days it has to rain on Luke’s funeral. I still could not believe that he passed away He was never the same as he was before. He seemed down constantly and jumpy. He didn’t talk to anyone anymore. Including me. The police said his heart gave out on him. Luke doesn’t have any heart problems in his family line and he was the healthiest person I knew. So, something did not sit right with me. How did one incredible man go from being excited about being a father to passed out to later on anti-social onyl then to die from a supposed heart failure. Yeah, right! It was time for some snooping. And what about his wife? She was supposedly pregnant with Luke’s child. And yet, I haven’t seen evidence of  a baby bump nor heard news of her losing it due to stress. So what was really going on? Did she lie to Luke about having his kid? And why? And why wasn’t she as upset about Luke dying as I was?

Am I the only sane person who really knew Luke? His parents were too old to know anything. They were in a nursing home when look married Shelia. Time to start asking people questions and time to spy on Shelia see if she really is a grieiving widow or just faking it.

To be contiued….

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