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Today, I just read and signed paperwork with Pulse LLC as a senior editor.  I have my first test due today, for LBE. Legal Business Environment. I will also be working on a 50 point essay, a 650 word article featuring my debut article on Small Town Politics, and my first article for journalism club this semester.

March’s Issue

I have placed in two interviews into the new upcoming creative writing magazine. One interview will be featuring an author name Marigold and the other will be featuring an author/ publisher name Nyiah Moore. There will be two special featured articles one written by Lucy Mitchell and the other written by Daniel J. Darcey. As usual there will be book reviews featuring new emerging authors, literary agents seeking submissions, 3 publishing houses will be featured in every issue from now on, and writing prompts for writers to use and enjoy. There will be a few other articles for writers that you will just have to read the issue to find out what they are about.

Bloggers, if you would like your blogs featured in the digital magazine please email me:  & I will work with you on the advertisement of your blog to be featured within the issue. There will be a 50 cent charge ($0.50 USD) per advertisement.  The purpose of the advertisement of blogs within our magazine issue is to alert the global public of amazing blogs that feature things that most of them are interested in but wouldn’t have thought of where to find the blogs of their interest. We want to help promote amazing bloggers as well as authors, writers, and poets.

Poets, we are looking for poem submissions for our issue. Please, send an email to me at: if you are interested. The submission is completely free unless you are interested in participating in a contest where the submission fee will be $2.00 USD per submission.

Senior Editor with Pulse LLC

I will officially begin my duties as a senior editor with Pulse LLC starting next week. If you are a romance author that has not been published yet, please email me at: .  Pulse LLC handles all promotions, advertising, editing, book designing and all for our authors. I will keep you posted and give you more details starting next week.

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