Book Review: Waiting for April by Jaime Loren

Waiting for April is a highly intensifying novel unlike any other. April is an eighteen year old whose 19th birthday is coming up. She doesn’t know that she has been born over and over so many times before nor about any of horrible and tragic deaths. But every time she is reborn. April loses all memory of her life with her immortal lover. Can he make April remember him and fall in love with him before she dies? And once she does remember he will no longer be immortal anymore. What happens when he and April start out as friends in her new life? Will their friendship go beyond just being friends? Or will they friendship collapse and whatever connection he has with April will be lost? I highly recommend picking this brilliant romance up and reading it to find out! I couldn’t put the book down until I finished reading every single last page.

Jaime Loren definitely knows how to write an inspiring romance that will hook her readers into a world full of uncertainty as times rushes against two lovers. Will the two lovers be together or remain apart forever? A nagging and addictive question that leaves readers wondering what will happen. So many if’s and how’s and a plot full of surprises. Overall, I rate Waiting for April a five out of five stars.

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