Making Your Alpha Male Believable

1. Your aphla male needs to be active. He can’t just sit around and wait for the action to come to him.

2. He should be tough, rough around the edges.

3. Alpha males respect their women. What woman wants a man who can’t respect her or nay other woman?

4. He should be firm but gentle with woman.

5. He won’t be listening to classical music. Make him more male by giving him a harder prescense like a biker who can throw real punches, good on the eyes, but has a swearing problem. Make him a bad boy. But don’t make him where he has no redeeming qualtities.

6. The alhpa male has to be the kind of man that is the marryiing kind. Maybe at first he denies it or doesnt relaize it until he almost loses the best thing that has ever happened to him- his girl. Oh, yeah. Alphas don’t like other men taking aninterest in their women even when they cant admit it to themselves that they have fallen in ove with that woman. Men never come to that realization that fast in real life either. It takes the woman to get under his skin or for that woman to get another man in her life before they realize,  “No, that’s my woman.. Back off dude!” Now they woman can be stubborn about it because hey, her alpha admitted he didnt care if she picke up with another guy and when she does it hurts him like hell, so it makes it interesting when the woman makes her alpha really work at it. Or you can have a woman who isnt interested in the alpha at all,and have him so interested in her that he doesn’t give up. Have something bad happen or almost could have happened and have the apha there to save her…

7. By the end of your story.. your alpha should have changed. He was dead set against marrying and having any kind of committment, until one woman came along and changed all of that.

8. Your tough guy needs a heart of gold. He can be a real ass to deal with say as a boss at work but then your female characters ends up seeing him with a few kids. playing around at the park tousling in the leaves. Laughing and smiling like crazy. This is where she sees he does have a heart of gold…

9. Your aphla male should want to do everything possible for those he cares about.

10. Your alpha male needs to have one hidden weakness…that makes vunlerability when revealed romantic.

11. The sex: your alpha male needs to be dominant but also let the woman take charge once a while. It must be intimate.

12. Your alpha male’s actions speak louder than words. This has to be in your novel. This is improtant to show verus tell us. Show us by your alpha males actions more so than by his words. How does woo his woman? How does he show that he really cares about his woman? Maybe its something that she really cares about or likes that he notices and uses that to do everything he can to get her to notice that he loves her. And cares.

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