Book Review: A Harvest of Hope by Lauraine Snelling

A romantic historical novel unlike any other. Miriam Hastings is a nurse working on her one year committment in Chicago when she hears her mother has gone ill. After making a promise to return and finish her one year term, Miriam is granted permission to leave and head back home to take care of her family. But what she doesn’t plan is the love of her life working super hard to win her love,to marry him. Trygve Knutson is building a home to share with Miriam and he will stop at nothing to make her his wife. Her home town Blessings isn’t helping her either. Will Miriam make the right decision for her future? Will she choose her career in Chicago over her family and Trygve? Or will Trygve and Blessings convince her otherwise.

A brilliant yet wonderfully told story that will tug at readers hearts. I love when a man like Trygve Knutson is determined to win his woman’s heart and won’t stop until he does. But does he win Miriam’s heart? Lauraine Snelling has done it again. Her words will leave readers breathless as they try to figure out will happen next. Overall, I rate A Harvest of Hope a five out of five stars.

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