A Must Read Novel by E.C. Manley!

I highly recommend this stunning new novel to readers everywhere! A romance unlike any other. E.C. Manley has a way with telling a story that captures the reality and emotions of her characters in way that makes it so inviting to read. I loved reading book one in this delightful series. 3000 Texts Part Deux picks up where book one left off. J.D. and his love are having to deal with their romance from a distance. Can their relationship survive despite how far away they are? Or was their romance just a brief summer thing that will eventually fall apart?  This novel is a must read. So many twists that will leave readers wondering what will hapen next. Believable characters and a well written plot makes 3000 Texts Part Deux  a perfect story for readers world wide.  E.C Manley definitely has talents in bringing her characters to life. I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

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