Book Review: Need You for Keeps by Marina Adair

Shay Michaels is a pet groomer and a pet rescuer. But to Deputy Jonah Baudoin, Shay is nothing but hot trouble for him. Will he risk is life and career to help keep Shay Michaels and her business from getting into all kinds of continuous trouble? Ever since she first came, her and Deputy Jonah have been avoiding the instant desire and sparks they feel every time they are near each other. Will Deputy Jonah finally get to kiss Shay just like he’s been dying to ever since the beginning or will someone or something keep him from doing so? This wonderful novel is definitely a need for keeps.

Marina Adair has created a beautiful romance story that will hook every reader into her amazing plot. A well written story that will leave readers waiting for the next book by this incredible writer! Her characters make for a hot and interesting pair and their troubles are easy to connect with. following both Shay and DeputyJonah and they cute animals as the plot unfolds will be as addictive as honey is to a bee. I highly recommend tis romance to all readers. A very hot read indeed. Overall, I rate Need You for Keeps a five out of five stars.

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