Book Review: The Mazovia Legacy: A Frank Delaney Thriller by Michael E. Rose

The Mazovia Legacy is a highly intense yet stunning thriller. Fast-paced and brilliantly written, Michael E. Rose has created a masterpiece that will leave readers with chill down their spines. An icy tale waiting for you for to discover.  During a Quebec winter a polish man dies. But, someone from his family has their suspicions. His niece hires an investigative journalist, Frank Delaney to uncover the truth of her Uncle’s death. As Frank Delaney goes about searching for clues, he soon finds that her uncle’s death was a cover for something bigger than either of them thought. This dangerous web involves agents who will stop at nothing to kill them to keep things hushed and about Polish National art treasures that were hidden from the Nazis during World War II. Can Frank Delaney and the dead man’s niece discover the truth and bring it to light before the agents silence them forever?

I loved reading this suspenseful novel. An intriguing plot that can send readers into a very deadly and dangerous world where killers will stop at nothing. Can an investigative journalist such as Frank Delaney help? I recommend this story to read to readers world-wide. This is one historical and murder mystery they won’t want to miss out on reading! I rate The Mazovia Legacy a five out of five stars.

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    1. Your welcome 🙂 It was an honor and a joy to read your fascinating novel. I look forward to reading more novels by you. 🙂


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