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Game on! My goals this month is to publish my collection of short, funny, cat stories called, Bulgaria’s Adventures. Then I am also working on my second article called, U.S Education System Failing? for The Typewriter.

Also, be on the lookout, March’s Issue for Universal Creativity Inc.’s (creative writing) digital magazine will be released on March 1st. We will be featuring countless numbers of new emering authors, a new publishing company called Ambiance Books, and new interviews! We will also have many new book reviews, writing prompts, poetry, writing contests, and many other specially featured articles for you all to read. There will also be short free reads for your enjoyment as well.

How many book reviews have I written so far? That indeed is a great question. But, I can say fro sure that the number exceeds 120.

How many articles have I written total? I have written 43 nonfiction articles.

How many manscripts have I edited? I have currently edited a total of 14 different manuscripts.

How many magazines have I published? I have published 8 magazine issues so far.

How many internships am I currenlty taking this semester? I am taking 5 editing internships, 1 book reviewing internship, & 1 article writing internship

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