Story Ideas

Here are two story ideas that I recently came up with: 

1.  Ashley felt like someone was watching her. But, she kept shaking the feeling off thinking it was just the cool air and being all alone. Opening the door, Ashely stepped into the old plantation home. everything was dark, cold and dusty.
Great, just what I needed. More cleaning to do. Why was this place left to me? And by whom?
Waling up to the fire place Ashley saw photos. One photo in particular had her in it. How the hell…
Before, she could even finish the thought they was a loud thump, thump, thump. Rushing up the stairs to see what was going on… sees a man carrying a lifeles body further down the hall into another room. This wasn’t just any ordinary man either and neither was the body. They were both ghosts. But how? And who are they ghosts? And why can Ashley see them? How was her recieving this old house connected with what she just experienced? What does Ashley do next?
2. It was St. Patricks Day and Nora was excited. Nothing like a little a bit of luck and charm, to help her succeed in her conquest. She wants to gain Lord Kyle MacKinnion’s attention. He is bachelor of the ton. And every lady wants her chance to snatch this lucky Irish Lord who was just as hot as he was smart. And nothing will stop Lady Nora at the St. Patrick’s Day Ball.  Unlike the other Ladies, Nora had two Irish parents. That should be enough to give her double the luck the other Ladies don’t have. And on this day of all days, her heritage and luck can’t fail her. Or could it? Does Nora end up in a scandalous sistuation far worse than she ever believed to be in? And what does Lord Kyle MacKinnion think of this smart, beautiful, and tough lass? Is she the woman lucky enough to be his bride?

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