Book Review: Where We Belong by Eve Connell

Where We Belong is an inspirational and most compelling story of its kind. Readers who fell in love with The Fault in Our Stars will fall in love with this incredible novel written by Eve Connell. Seventeen year-old Amelia Baide was the second fastest swimmer until the fatal accident in which she crashed into a lake and pulled out without a pulse. This has since caused the exceptional swimmer to stay away for swimming until strange events leave her at a swimming pool once more. Harry Jamieson has had his heart set out for only one woman, Amelia Baide. The night of the fatal crash they both shared a moment that only Harry remembers. Every single secret moment of it is still a vivid memory for him. But will Amelia eventually remember that moment too? And where then will that leave them both?

Where We Belong is a novel that will move the hearts and minds of many. I enjoyed reading this spectacular novel written by Eve Connell. Her talents have led her to creating this stunning and memorable masterpiece. I could not stop reading this novel, until I finished every chapter. The characters are realistic and believable beyond what words can say. Every reader will feel drawn deep into the story plot following Amelia and her journey through the anniversary of that one horrific event in her life. Every reader has to read this story.  A beautifully told story with a powerful message that all readers won’t want to miss. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to everyone and give it a full five stars.

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