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The Prophecy

This new novel is ready for release! It will be available on Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, and many more!  The Porphecy by Daniel J. Darcey is a fabulous novel that takes you deep into whole another world where anything goes. One has to be careful which side they choose.  An enchanting story that is taken from one of the character’s point of view. Readers will fall in love reading this new story. I definitely enjoyed being taken inside this exciting and intoxicating new world. Readers everywhere will fall in love with Queen Laxur as her story unfolds.



Here, is the story of Queen Laxur or as her real name Asaria. Her story is told here and you will see things and the universe from her point of view. From the time before her, to her end and everything in between. A tale that is not told in the main story. This is her story, her tale, her life. An innocent little girl with a great destiny, becomes corrupted and turns evil but not without reason. This story will show you those reasons. And what it took for her to recover and fulfill her birthright and destiny.

This story could not be told in Kingdoms and Empires but was eluded too. Now, you can see her as she was and how she  became.


If you are interested in reading a free copy of this new novel for an exchange of a book review, then please, fill out the form below!

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