Today, Marks the One Year Anniversary

1 Year Anniversary Achievement

Today, marks the one year anniversary for Universal Creativity Inc.  We have been blessed with working all of our authors, bloggers, poets and fellow writers.  Our  company has published 5 digital magazines so far. Each issue featured new coming books, new emerging authors, author interviews, and tons of fabulous must read book reviews. That is not including advice, tips and free writing prompts.

We have met many amazing authors along the way and hope we can continue working with such talented individuals. Uniersal Creativity Inc. has gone from writing just book reviews to publishing writing prompts to magazine publishing and now to eBook publishing. We offer many great serivces at a low and affordable prices and guarantee to help every writer succed with his or her dream of being published. Our goal is to help every writer publish their work on a global scale. No writer is left behind. We help promote our authors with free publlishing inside our free digital issue. Along with featuring their interviews and book reviews all over every social media site. We edit manuscripts, proofread our clients work, and now we publish their work not only in a digital magazine viewed by many but now as a polished eBook. We hope to continue helping many succeed in achieving their dreams.

Here are our stats:

– Views = 8,859

– Visitors = 4,503

– Likes = 4,255

– Comments = 533

– Magazine views = 5,194

– Foreign countires that viewed our website = 10

– Total magazine published by us = 5

– Authors being published us currently = 2

– Book Reviews = 424

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