Book Review: Hold Me by Susan Mallery


Hold Me is the perfect romantic read that readers will never want to stop reading. Both main characters struggle with the issue of letting their feelings fall where they may and just take whatever happens to them. Both are afraid to trust and worried about falling.  This brilliant romance by Susan Mallery definitely held  me.  I was hooked instantly. The oh so irresistible characters and the suspenseful plot lured me in me deeply. I would recommend this novel to all readers.  The story is about a woman who wants a quiet and simple life but, fate has something amazing in store for her. Her job on the search and rescue team lures her to the most attractive man ever. Kipling Gilmore is anything but quiet and safe. He awakens emotions that haven’t risen in Destiny Mill’s life until she’s placed in close quarters with the former world-class skier, Kipling Gilmore. Kipling is instantly drawn to this beautiful red-head but he’s afraid to fall. And Destiny is afraid to trust. Can these two learn to overcome their fears and let their feelings fly sky-high? Or will both fall away due to their fears?

Hold Me is an intriguing romance that all readers must pick up and read. The story will captivate readers and hold onto to them in ways they haven’t imagined. This super sweet and addictive romance is a must read. Susan Mallery knows how to deliver a romance story unlike many. Her stories are compelling and realistic. I fell in love reading this story and know without a doubt every other reader will too. Overall, I rate Hold Me a five out of five stars.

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