New Novel will be Released Tomorrow!

Trial by Fire2

Trial by Fire is the latest novel written by Daniel J. Darcey. Trial by Fire is an exciting new adventure waiting at reader’s fingertips to explore. Science fiction fantasy was never my kind of genre until I read the first novel written by this talented author and instantly I fell in love with his characters and compelling plot with the most unexpected twists. Warfare, advance technology, and magic all in one incredible novel. Trial by Fire is a must read for all. Tomorrow afternoon, copies of Trial by Fire will be released on Amazon to buy!

Tomorrow, Universal Creativity Inc. will release the live link to buy a copy of this fascinating and incredible addictive novel.


One of the greatest leaders of the most powerful force in the multi-verse whose origins are not what everyone thinks they are.

Praetor D’var Eraketan of the Tenth Legion, and Pro-Counsel of the United Federation, Dominion Alliance of Galaxies.

From a destroyed childhood to the most powerful man in the Federation, D’var rises through the ranks from the fires of his past to fighting in the last Great War before the Utopian/ Darkcon conflict.

This is the story on how he became a hardened solider of honor and cunning.

Nether evil nor good, a man in the middle seeking order and peace through what ever means possible to preserve the natural order. However in the end he does the right thing, but not always in his favor.

 You will get to see D’var’s history from before he was even born to the current time.

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