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Second Chances

A novel telling how one young woman gives her heart out to a man, only to be betrayed by the sight of him with another woman. Meredith has since then worked her way up in life by building up her own bookstore. A place where locals love to come and read  books and and enjoy Meredith’s fresh coffee. It’s been two years since she saw Brian with Melissa in a way that will haunt her memories of him forever. From what she overheard, Melissa ended up pregnant with Brian’s child and he married her. Only to find out that the whole thing was a lie. Brian divorced Melissa and went his separate way.  He tried to apologize to Meredith everyday before his marriage to Melissa but she wouldn’t listen. Brian never drinks but when he was hanging out with the guys, Melissa slipped a little something into his drink and waited. She led Brain to the place she knew Meredith would come by and see her in action with Brian. Melissa had wanted Brian from the start but he pushed her aside for plain and ordinary girl like Meredith. So, she would do the one thing to break them both apart and get what she wanted.  It wasn’t until after the marriage that a girlfriend of Melissa’s told Brian what really happened and why. Melissa had not only destroyed what he had with Meredith but she seemed to have done similar things to have friends. He went and had papers filed for a divorce knowing that Melissa wasn’t pregnant at all with his child. It was all a rouse just to win him. But now, he’s more than determined to do whatever it takes to win back Meredith in his life. But first he must find a way to explain what really happened. Can he convince Meredith to give him a second chance at love? Or will Meredith not give the one man she loves the chance to win her back?

Find out in April what happens between these two! Coming soon to Amazon!

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