Book Review: Rogue Soul by Linsey Hall

Rogue Soul is a must read science fiction fantasy romance novel that will leave readers enchanted. Linsey Hall surely knows how to create an addictive and hot read that will keep readers locked into her new world where two enemies must come together. In order to have her freedom at last she must find the one man whom she betrayed two thousand years ago. Will Camulos want to help the other God with her freedom? Will her betrayal to him so many years ago affect his decision in helping her or will their so long ago feelings resurface as they both strive to keep the other Gods from getting angry? Can the Goddess of Victory, Andrasta, convince her former lover to help her? Or will she lose her only hope to her freedom? And what happens when their passion flames up once more? Can they handle it? Both characters find themselves in the center of an ancient secret. They must be careful or else lose their lives.

I highly recommend this fascinating and thrilling new novel for readers everywhere. This is one novel readers can’t pass up. Rogue Soul is indeed a fight for both Andrasta and Camulos in keeping their souls and going about their search. But will they succeed or fail? Linsey Hall keeps readers constantly guessing what will happen between the two former lovers as they head out on their quest together. Will they make the other Gods angry? Will they fall in love all over again? Will they survive? A deeply intriguing novel with a compelling story. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

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