Dear Readers,

I have been slightly busy with editing manuscripts and writing news articles. I am truly sorry for the delay in posting more than one book review a day. But for now, at least there is one new one to be found daily. I have been setting up the April 2015 Issue. We will be hosting one author interview, one blogger interview and one publisher interview.  I am excited! Plus, we will be hosting book giveaways within the issue and all upcoming issues.

How many other writing magazine offer free book giveaways? Not many, if any. New romance novels will be coming out in April as well as one humorous mystery novel. Plus, we will be releasing more science fiction fantasy novels in the future.

– 1 Adult Romance novel

– 1 YA Romance novel

– 1 Humorous Mystery Novel

– 1 Science Fiction Fantasy Novel

– April 2015 Issue

All of the above will be coming out in April.

What new manuscripts have I been editing?

– Ask Me Again (Finished)

-Bruised Heart (Finished)

– Ask Me Again Part 2  (Started editing)

News Article that I am currently editing: Violence Against Women in Afghanistan

Need any editing? Just use the form below to contact me about what you need editing for and when you need it. You can check out my editing prices on the editing services page. Thank you!

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