Book Review: Nobody’s Angel by Sara Hegger

Nobody’s Angel is a wonderful women’s fiction novel that readers will love. Sara Hegger has crafted a most compelling story of a young women’s journey to make amends for mistakes she made in her younger days. Can Lucy Flint really make amends? Or will she only make thing much worse for her and Dr. Richard Hunter? In her younger days Lucy was a wild women who drank  a lot and took off with her friends boyfriend to leave behind her high school sweetheart aka Dr. Richard Hunter. Why did Lucy take  off with her friend’s boyfriend? And why leave behind the one man whom she still has feelings for? Lucy returns home to take care of her further and is now much more somber. Can she fix every wrong from the past without screwing it up worse?

An intriguing tale of how a women returns home to fix all her past issues or at least tries. Nobody’s Angel is a must read. Readers will be fascinated from the very beginning until the very last page. A women’s attempt to change her life around. Lucy is a strong and amazing character that readers will fall in love with. Her story is realistic and so believable that readers will have a hard time telling fact from fiction.  Sara Hegger has woven together a beautiful story that readers won’t be able to put down. I highly recommend reading this tale. It’s one that readers should not miss. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

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