Today, is Pi Day!




To celebrate Pi Day, we are hosting a writing prompt contest. All participants must email their writing to us at: Must be written in English. And must include the prompt in their writing. Also, each entry must have the author’s first and last name, email, and word count. This enables us to give the author credit for his or her writing when it’s published within our magazine. 

This contest is free! So, hurry and send in your masterpiece to us to be published online! All rights of the work belong to each writer and by entering this contest you have given Universal Creativity Inc. permission to publish your work online within the magazine and on our site. 

Here is the writing prompt:

Alice was carefully calculating her experiment when a door slammed shut behind. Aggravated to being disrupted in the middle of her experiment she stops and heads over to the door. Only when she tried to open was locked!

Hey! Let me out! Someone open this door now! It’s locked!

Alice kept banging on the door. Hoping someone would hear her. But so far no one heard her. Just then Alice noticed smoke coming into the room from under the locked door.

Oh no! I must get out of here!

Searching the room, there weren’t any windows.

How the hell did I not notice that before!

Feeling frustrated she searched for a key or something to break the door down with. But nothing. Screaming, she shouted at the top of her lungs. Until a male voice behind her said she had a set of healthy lungs. Turning around, Alice caught a small glimpse of a disfigured face that belonged to a man of get built. And then everything went dark.

What happens next? Your writing can be any length to submit in to be published. We will email participants to let them know we will be publishing their piece in our magazine and to be featured on our website. 

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