I have been busy with editing, formatting and releasing new novels. I am sorry for not posting book reviews lately! April’s 2015 Issue is about ready for an early release. We are waiting on one more interview to be sent in before releasing the issue. There is a lot of stuff inside this recent issue. Three interviews. One from an author, a blogger, and a publisher! Plus, free short story and free excerpts from novels coming out soon. I am excited!

I have been reading a new novel by an amazing author. Her work is out of this world. I will post the review as soon as I get her approval. Also, her work will be featured inside the April Issue. And it’s a novel you will fall in love with. I certainly did.

Two new novels have been released. A New Way and Origins by Daniel J. Darcey.

Check out the covers!

origins A New Way4

And if you haven’t seen April’s cover, here it is:

April 2015 Issue

Novels Coming Soon:

Second Chances Shadow Lane Cover

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