Book Review: A Selfish Faith by Angela Whitehead

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Angela Whitehead has done it again in her second book in this delightful and beautifully well written series. Featuring a young woman name Sharlee as she experiences the renewed feelings that arise within her as her ex boyfriend pops up in the scenes once again. Sharlee struggles with her feelings as she continues her journey as a good Christian woman living the college life. Then another unexpected turn takes everything in Sharlee’s world and flips it completely. Can Sharlee find her way through everything the heads her way be keeping her faith and virginity in tack? Or will everything finally consume her and lead her to giving up things that really mean the world to her?
I love how Angela Whitehead focuses her novel on the importance of staying a virgin until after marriage. This novel of hers is a refreshing and unique voice within our digital world today. I also enjoyed the Christian theme of prayer and faith as a young woman goes through life with all of its ups and downs twisting its way into trying to break her and yet she somehow manages to hold on to her life. I would highly recommend this brilliant novel to readers all over. A must read for readers everywhere. The plot keeps you hooked and coming back for more. Overall I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

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