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I am currently studying Australian Literature. I find it fascinating to read and explore. It’s always exciting to explore a whole new culture completely different from one’s own. I have my first peer writing assignment due in three weeks. In that time I have dozens of literature texts and poetry to read and analyze in order to complete my assignment plus, I have 4 quizzes to take all due April 7th.

As I explore further into my new studies, I will then apply my knowledge into creative writing prompts to share with you all. Both poetry and fiction prompts. In the mean time, I have an challenge for you all to take.

Think of a place that you have been to and describe your experience. Write about it as though you are telling about a character’s exploration. What did you see? How did it make you feel? What was your experience like at this place? Write your response using sensory images. Meaning, be sure that your words make your readers see, feel, and hear what it was like. If you can do that than you have succeeded. 

Have you every been to Australia? Have you read any works by Australian authors that you found inspiring or interesting, if so please share in the reply area below! Thanks!

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