Book Review: Losing Your Head by Clare Kauter

Losing Your Head is amazing read for all. The main character instantly grabs your attention with her personality and her troubles. Charlie Davies in one woman who lives with her parents and has no skills at all. Then suddenly her life takes a huge turn down an unthinkable path. Charlie isn’t aware of just how bad her new situation is until she learns that she was the one tricked and not the other way around. James McKenzie offers a job to Charlie which gives her twenty thousand dollars and a house. Everyone including Charlie would jump at the opportunity. And she did. The job though is to help clear James McKenzie’s name. But what if he is a murderer after all? Where does that leave Charlie? And what happens to her  if she doesn’t get paid? Will her former high school nemesis James McKenzie be guilty or not? And will things heat up between them as Charlie goes about her job to clear his name?

Clare Kauter’s first novel is out of this world. It’s realistic, believable, and funny. An enchanting tale of how one very ordinary woman goes about solving a mystery. I loved reading this story and found it very compelling. I can definitely see Clare Kauter’s potential and talent as the words come to life as the story unfolds deeper into the mysterious and suspenseful plot. I would recommend this novel to every reader. And I look forward to reading more of Clare Kauter’s work in the future. Definitely one novel that readers should pick up and read. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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    1. Your welcome! I do hop you let me read and review your next novel! You have talent and your characters are absolutely amazing! Thank you, for the honor of letting me review novel. 🙂


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