Acceptance Letter from San Francisco Book Review!

I just received my email with a letter containing my acceptance as a freelance book reviewer for the San Francisco Book Review! This is major! I have always wanted to write book reviews with a major company and this is definitely one to work for as a reviewer. I also just signed my freelancer contract and sent it back to them. I am beyond excited!

This is both a paid and unpaid position. What I mean by that is that there are free books up for review as well as paid ones from publishers and authors who want a featured or guaranteed book review completed. Therefore, the money I will make will fluctuate greatly.  But still it’s an honor to know my work got me accepted into this incredible position.

Here is their website if interested in viewing:

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    1. Thank you! I was thinking that I wouldn’t be accepted and then today when I read my email. I was shocked with happiness and wanted to jump up and down with excitement like a little Thank you! 🙂

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