Book Review: The Trouble with St. John by Katie Bloomstrom

The Trouble with St. John by Katie Bloomstrom is indeed a hilarious and mysterious adventure that readers will never forget!  Samantha Stone aka Sam has lost her fiance and lost the fat huge non refundable diamond ring. Just when she barely survived being kidnapped and taken to St. John island, she heads back to find her ring. But will she make it back alive? And everything there isn’t what it seems. A perfect island that has more going on that what the eyes can see. This story is fun, fast-paced and addictive to read. It’s told from Sam’s point of view. Readers will feel like they are in Sam’s shoes as events unfold and the sleuthing begins. And what happens between her and the sexy travel guy that leaves Sam feeling hot all over?

Katie Bloomstrom has a way with bringing her characters alive and her plot sends readers deep in suspense as they try to guess all the who’s and what’s and what if’s. A charming and brilliant novel that I have enjoyed the pleasure of reading. I look forward to reading more mysteries including Samantha Stone and her thrilling adventures. I recommend this story to readers everywhere. One refreshing novel. Overall, I rate The Trouble with St. John a five out of five stars.

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