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I have been busy writing a research paper for my legal business environment course which I have received a 100% on as well as an excellent job on your paper comment from my instructor. That definitely made my morning. I also received my first big payment as an editor this morning. I felt good seeing that as well.

I am currently editing a novel called Barking Madness by Ryan Hill. He is a young and talented author for his genre. I can definitely say that his debut novel is a must read for all. Also, you can go checkout his novel on Amazon!

I also have many book reviews to start posting on here. I apologize for the delay. Teachers felt they needed to pile us students up with assignments and tests that are worth a lot of points right before our spring break. So, I have been busy studying and writing away all last week. I plan to spend my spring break reading and writing book reviews for you all. I also plan to ave finish editing Barking Madness later this week and a new article for The Typewriter as well.

My other plans for spring are to finish my Australian peer assessment paper 2 weeks ahead of time.


April 2015 Issue is released and can be viewed for free at this link: http://joom.ag/gYBb.

April 2015 Issue


Also just a reminder the Writing Romance Fiction Course will be starting on April 1st. The course is completely online and will be self-paced. Those who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion as well as a book cover designed for their manuscript. Not only will each student receive a certification of completion and a book cover but also have their work published into an eBook. The cost of this course is $25.00 and can be paid via PayPal.  To sign fill out the form below stating you want to take the course. A PayPal link will be sent to you and then you will receive the first lesson and can begin working right away.

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May 2015 Issue

Send your poetry, short stories, flash fiction, literature reviews and advertisements of your business or blogs or new releases to us to be featured within May 2015 Issue at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com.  Sneak peak at May’s cover if you haven’t already seen it:

May 2015 Issue

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