Book Review; Boderline by Liza Marklund

Borderline is a new novel that takes thrillers to a whole new level. Annika Bengtzon’s leads from a web of lies and violence take her face-to-face with a dangerous enemy. Annika worked as a newspaper correspondent in Washington DC and when she returns drastic events start happening with four murders and officials thinking there is a serial killer but Anna doesn’t think so and soon her husband is in danger and the bad guys are killing their victims one by one because their demands have been denied. Can Anna save her husband, solve who is behind the killings, and come out of it alive? Or will she be the next victim?

Liza Marklund is a New York Time best-selling author. And when reading her marvelous fast-past action thriller, readers will know why she is number one. Borderline will leave readers gripping their seats as the events in this highly anticipated novel turn deadly.Readers will be stuck in suspense as they read further into the stunning plot. Characters will pop off the pages bringing to life the horrors from within the story. Beware, this is one thriller that will send shivers down your spine. A gripping and must read novel, I highly recommend this to readers everywhere. You won’t want to put the novel down until you finished every last page. Overall, I rate Borderline a five out of five stars..

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