Second Chances Part 2

It has been a week since the school’s dance. I have been ignoring my friends, especially Kylie. I need to study to keep up with my classes. I still had a major project that needed to be done as well. But knowing that neither I nor Michael were going to come to a truce on what we should do together, I decided to attempt the project on my own.

The project was to find something important to people that has not yet been covered yet by the news. I found this project to be interesting until our English instructor assigned us partners. Michael wasn’t upset about us being paired together. But, I was. The man was a walking, talking, hunk who could make any girl agree to whatever he says just by looking at her with his pierce blue eyes, and handsome smile that makes me feel heat rising to my face every time he looks my way or catches my eye. I could not just look away or pretend to be reading deeply into a book. Because, I tried that once. And Michael had to point out the fact that I really wasn’t reading even when I said I was. The book was upside down and it was a textbook to make it even worse. He makes me feel so damn mad that I just want to smack that horrible grin on his face every time he catches me in these awkward situations.

I wanted to cover a story about an emerging author and how she went about breaking out as a bestseller in today’s market. Especially when most books are now digital. But, Michael argued saying that is only important to “us bookworms” such as myself. So, I finally did the unthinkable, and hit him or his rude unexpected comment. And what made it worse was that he didn’t know how badly I took his simple comment about bookworms. And he seemed genuinely hurt when he realized I was hurt by what he said. That made me feel things I couldn’t afford to feel. I had to pass this semester and score my financial aid for next semester. Michael was one distraction that I didn’t need right now. A distraction I didn’t want to think too much about either. He could easily crush my heart into a million pieces and I wouldn’t be able to survive having a man like Michael breaking my heart. I have been there and done that. Never again, was I going to put myself out on the line.

I was just typing up questions for my author interview in the college library when, Michael walked in. He was followed by a group of pretty girls giggling and sashing their way over to him. One girl in particular stuck out. Kylie. What is she doing around Michael? Wait, why did I care. Michael isn’t my guy. And I have been ignoring my best friend and roommate for a while now. She and Michael were laughing. And then Kylie wrapped her arm around Michael’s waist. No. I didn’t wait to see what happened next. I logged off and ran out before my eyes could see anymore. So much for getting any work done.
“Lora wait!” I heard Kylie shouting in the hall after me. But, I ignored her and kept up my pace.

“Lora it’s not what you think!” Kylie ran up to me finally catching up.

Looking at my best friend/ roommate, I just stood there waiting for her to hurry up and finish.

“Michael did me a favor and…”

I didn’t want to hear the rest.

“I don’t care what favor he did for you. I don’t care if you like Michael and he likes you.” I nearly shouted at her.

Why the hell would I care any-way? He just frustrates me in every way possible and lights me up like a Christmas tree on Christmas. Not that he knows that. Or I think he doesn’t. But, it doesn’t matter does it? Because, I have my studies to think about. My family already thinks I am pathetic and if I don’t succeed this semester, I will never live to survive the humiliation. And then lately, all I could ever think about is Michael.

Siting right next to me on my twin bed, Kylie just looks at me. “I mean it, when I say Michael and I are not together. He did me a favor. He helped talk to Luke for me.”

Luke was the guy that Kylie couldn’t stop talking about until Michael came here. But, Michael wasn’t interested in her and Luke was. “Why did he have to talk to Luke for you?”

I was now curious. Smiling, Kylie knew I had forgiven her and now was about to fill me in on what I missed out on. After two hours of catching up on all the things I missed, I finally managed to finish my interview questions for the author and sent them to her as soon as possible. Part one of my project was done. Now, all my other subjects. I had four quizzes, and two papers to write. Yep, college wasn’t complete without the dull tasks of homework piling up in your student box. I finally was able to go to sleep at 2 am, knowing full well that I needed to be up at 8 am for philosophy. We were going to have our first huge exam.

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