Wishes by Agostino Scafidi

Agostino’s latest release, Wishes, in some ways simplifies by using only field recording and guitar improvisation, yet complicates by reaching for interesting guitar effects and mixing techniques. There is only modest manipulation of field recordings found here. Guitar tracks are layered, yet in a seemingly strange way they all communicate together. Breaking from his past use of electroacoustic instrumentation altogether, you are presented forthwith an intentionally purer experience.
Track list:
01 Worried About My Frequency – 10:06
02 I Thought I Had No More To Give – 10:12
03 Thinking Of You – 10:05
04 Let’s Not Get Carried Away – 11:32
Release date: March 31 2015
Available for streaming and purchase at http://agostinoscafidi.bandcamp.com

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