Book Review: Fatal Destiny by David DeLee

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Fatal Destiny is one thriller that every reader around the word should pick up and read. David DeLee has intertwined his experience as a licensed private investigator and his Master’s degree in Criminal Justice into his incredible novel. A novel full of fast-paced action, mystery, and suspense. This incredible story is one that readers will be lured deeply into and never want to come out of.  Intriguing plot that keeps readers turning the pages and keep them up all night long.

The story is about a bounty hunter name Grace deHaviland whose simple job is to track down one man. That one man is Barry Keegan.  Barry is a criminal who skipped his bail. Grace should have no problem tracking him and bringing him in, right? It should be until a co-defendant ends up murdered and Grace’s best friend, Suzie Jensen, almost dies. Can Grace bring Barry in and keep is wife and child safe from a frightening and violent past that is bursting to come out after them? Or will Grace fail to bring him in and keep everyone safe, especially herself?

I highly recommend Fatal Destiny to readers everywhere. This novel caught my attention and kept me glued in from the beginning. Adventurous, exciting, and deadly, Fatal Destiny should be on every readers to do list. One fascinating read that should not be passed up. Strong characters like Grace make readers feel a deep connection to the case that is being handled within the story. It’s hard to not feel like you are right there inside Grace’s shoes having to play a game of hide and seek with a dangerous criminal and a killer on the loose. Overall, I rate David DeLee’s debut novel a five out of five stars.

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