Book Review: Count Your Blessings by Sharon Sala

Count Your Blessings is a splendid romance novel that readers will enjoy reading. Readers will fall in love with Sharon Sala’s characters. Her compelling story will bring tons of laughter and joy that will brighten and lure many readers deep into the soul of her wonderful story. Funny, sweet, and daring is the leading character who will charm readers with every page. I definitely enjoyed reading the character’s journey as the plot unfolded and feel blessed to have read such a novel!

The story itself takes place in a town called Blessings, Georgia. Patty June Clymer is the current wife of the town’s preacher. But little would a woman like Patty ever think that a man in her husband’s position would cheat on his wife. Until that one fatal day she discovers that fact. Shocked and hurt, Patty decides that she will no longer tolerate a man who cheats on her. So, she kicks him out and transforms herself into a whole new woman. And her rage over her husband’s actions leads her to causing a whole new wave of trouble over her town. I highly recommend Count Your Blessings to every reader. One never knows what will happen next in life and when it does you should have counted your blessings. Overall, I rate this novel a five of five stars. A dashing and bold story of one brave woman that readers everywhere will enjoy.

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