Book Review: No One Like You by Kate Angell

No One Like You by Kate Angell is one fantastic romantic read that readers will instantly love. One super hot famous baseball player hires a personal assistant to keep him and his four dogs organized. That’s right fours dogs! Two dachshunds, his golden retriever, and a Great Dane named Atlas. Apparently the Great Dane, Atlas, has it in him to force both Beth Avery and his owner Ryan Cates together every time he can. Who would have know that a Great Dane who play match maker. Beth is doing this personal assistant job for the money before moving on but with Atlas trying to force her and his owner to confess their feelings her job just got hotter and harder by the minute. Can Beth and Ryan admit their undeniable attraction towards one another? Or will the Great Dane’s attempts fail in match making?

Kate Angell’s novel is funny, sweet, and addictive. A story whose pages are worth every turn and keep readers lured in forever. A heart melting and hilarious read. I enjoyed reading the tension between both Beth as she struggled to fight her feeling for Ryan. And how Ryan also struggled with his feelings towards his personal assistant. The build of romantic frustration and the help of one huge and adorable dog this is a must read novel for all. Animal lovers will love the four amazing creatures and the two stunning characters. It’s no surprise to find out that Kate is on the National Best-selling list. Her work will dazzle readers everywhere. Overall, I highly recommend this story and rate it a five out of five stars. A perfect romance.

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