What Book are You Reading?

What book are you currently reading? Did you liked this book or hate it? And why?

I currently read a novel that I just received the other day in the mail. It’s called Faux Happiness. The story was compelling. It lured me in from the beginning leading to asking why. Why did it happen to the character? Will she make it through it? How does it affect her future? A story about a young girl who was raped by her cousin. It doesn’t matter what your skin tone is, rape still happens to young girls and boys all over the world. The novel brought to my attention the bad things that still go on, while I am living my safe life here in my small rural town. I would love to say my town operates backwards and is the slowest and most boring place to live in ever, but at least it’s safe. Safe enough that I never worry about being raped. Or killed. Or robbed. Or beaten to death. After reading this small but well written story. I realized that crimes are still happening. And what I am doing? Going about my life like their isn’t a single worry. But there is. Terrorists attacking nations all over, rape happening in side of family homes, and little babies dying before they take their very first breathe into the world.

Another novel that I read before this one that I recently wrote a book review for was called Count Your Blessings by Sharon Sala. Her novel was the hard and real truth on what happens within our world every day. Cheating among spouses.  A woman marries a man who is a preacher and then finds him cheating on her. Would you think that a good man who is head of a church would commit such a crime? No! I surely hope one wouldn’t. But it opened my eyes to the harsh reality of the cruel world we all live in today.

Another novel that I read before these two is called Barking Madness. A YA novel that tells a story about a young girl who suffered in the past from a father who was crazy and attacked his own family. And now as a teenager, with a new father, move with her mom and little sister to a new place. Little does she know that the terrifying monster who has wrecked her life as a kid and now as a teen was her father who was released from prison. She remembered being attacked by a wolf and soon believes that she is a monster too. She believed that she turned into a monster at full moon and killed her friends herself. But it was actually her father who did. This is another hard fact to consume. The psychological part of those who enjoy killing. But the girl didn’t watching her friends die. She wanted to be normal to be good. And the bigger question is did she actually turn into a wolf? Or was it all part of her mind? And if part of her mind than does that mean she has inherited a part of her dad’s psychological state? And what about her one friend who thinks he saw her turn into a wolf? Does that too make him crazy? Or was it an overreaction to fear and teen hormones hitting sky high?

These three novels are 5 star reads. I would highly recommend them to all readers. I enjoyed reading these because each one was unique and brought to life the stories and characters deep inside the plots waiting for us all to discover and uncover the real truths. Each author as brilliantly spun a marvelous story the teaches us all something about the real world in which we live in today.

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      1. have you read the percy jackson series. i liked that for a while but have had a hard time with the last book….so much going on……..tried to get my daughter to read it with me but wasn’t interested 😦

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        1. No, I haven’t but they look exciting to read. What are some of the book in this series like?


          1. the first one is percy jackson and the lightening bolt.. i think…riordan has three series of this kind….he is going to do another on norse mythology i read somewhere……..


        2. I am now reading the first book in the series. I will let you know how I liked it and what I thought. Thank you!


  1. I’ve recently finished More Than This by Patrick Ness. It was okay, slightly overhyped in my opinion, but definitely a good book. I’m hoping that I’ll like his other books more but More Than This was interesting.


  2. Lord of the Rings is an all time fav. talked to english profs. who said that it was the best thing they ever read. great story about addiction (frodo, bilbo, gollum) become less substantive the more they use the ring. The creature gollum was a happy hobbit? or whatever he was before using the ring…i blogged about the story at some point……….

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