Mistakes by Writers

Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes. And happen to anyone. But sometimes our mistakes can ruin us from reaching that one desired outcome that we as writers have our hearts set on. I know I shouldn’t have ended the previous sentence with a preposition, which every writer knows is a major no-no. But, I did. Because this is all about mistakes as a writer.

What mistakes can writers make? A lot of them. Some can be easy to fix such as the preposition at the end of a sentence or the over use of adverbs within a writing piece. Or maybe it’s the part where we start every sentence with the same exact word. All of these are easy to fix but still are major no-nos. I have always wanted to become a paid book reviewer, but my writing mistakes forced me out of that option. Deep inside of me I was so frustrated with myself. How could I be so stupid to not catch every little mistake? Word isn’t perfect. Some of us rely heavily upon it as our mistake guide. But I think I can say, we all learned to never trust Word to show us our every mistake and even when given a fix, sometimes that fix is the wrong version than what we wanted.

Major mistakes writers can make would be to write a paragraph using two different verb tenses. That is not a good idea. Use one verb tense and stick with it through the end. Because, trust me it will come back to bit you in the end. I have been turned down because of that one particular issue. Another major issue would be our writing style. Have you ever written something and then realized that you missed conveying the right tone? Or that you have too many sticky sentences? And what about misspelled words? Unlike most writers, I have to carefully filter through my writing to be sure that I haven’t misspelled any words. Because my friends can say that I do that a lot.

So, mistakes happen. And they do prevent us from our big goals. But that doesn’t mean that we as writers don’t have it within us to write well on a daily basis. Or that we will never be good enough. Never let your mistakes make you feel that you can’t write. The worst mistake any writer can make is the choice of not writing at all. I almost made that choice myself. Yet, here I am writing to you all. I am a top book reviewer for major companies, a freelance editor, a news-writer, a self-published author, a small magazine publisher, and a senior publisher for a publishing house. So, trust me when I say that not writing at all would be your worst doom than to keep writing and failing at times. I have failed many times myself. But now, I am doing well. My message here is to not give up even when you feel like the world is closing in upon you.

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