Book Review: Barking Madness by Ryan Hill

Barking Madness

Barking Madness is indeed one incredible YA paranormal thriller that readers everywhere won’t forget. Ryan Hill is a young and talented writer whose words come popping off the pages bringing his scenes and characters to life. A world so much like our own turned upside down and inside out temporarily for a young teenage girl. The same girl whose past comes biting her present life and disturbing the new life she has come to know in a short period of time. Soon images of her haunted past play tricks on her mind along with the danger and deaths that keep occurring when she’s around. One attack leads to another. An unknown beast comes forth destroying all the she holds dear. Will she be able to finally grasp onto reality and realize what’s really happening before it consumes her completely? Or will something much deeper more disturbing catch and take hold of her and her life?

This is one brilliantly well written novels I have seen in a long time for this genre. Ryan incorporates a lot of elements throughout his story. These elements bring his readers closer and much deeper into his enticing plot. Tons of suspense to keep readers intrigued from the beginning and to the very end. By the end readers will still be left wondering what really happened and what comes next. Imaginative, luring, an addictive to read, Barking Madness is the one story that will forever hook and captivate readers beyond their wildest senses. A must read novel that is compelling beyond belief. Characters that will shake everything you have come to know. Definitely an addictive story for all. I highly recommend this thrilling adventurous novel and rate it a five out of five stars. I look forward to more of Ryan Hill’s amazing work in the future.

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