Short Story: A Start

It all started a few years ago. My parents were going to deny me one thing. Lucas McCoy. He and I met at the local coffee shop. I worked there making the special brewed coffees and he was a regular customer who came in and would flirt outrageously with all the ladies. But when he tried it on me it didn’t work. In a way, I intrigued him. Soon, he started to only but his best efforts into making me talk to him. I thought of him as arrogant, cocky, and wealthy jerk. But one day a man came in and started to beat up one of the girls in the shop. Lucas immediately ran to her aid. He beat the shit out of the man. Long story short, my perspective of him changed.

“Rose, are you listening to me?” My best friend Maya-belle also known as Bell asked.

“Sorry, Belle. I got distracted.” She looked at me wondering what distracted me since we were talking about my baby shower.

“Hey, gorgeous.” Lucas kissed my forehead. Sending tingling sensation through my body. Only his kiss could do that to me. I still haven’t told him yet. My family and I were witches. We kept it to ourselves. Lucas, touched my belly.

“Our little one is going to be great!” He said with a devious grin upon his handsome face. Instantly, our baby jumped inside me. I guess he knows his daddy. Bell soon looked worried. I turned just in time to see that man whom Lucas beat the shit out of along with more men who reeked of trouble. Fear gripped me instantly. My instincts told me something bad will happen. And sadly my powers are not at their strongest with my little one inside me. Lucas turned to the door and he too felt uneasy about all those men. There was only one of him and ten of them.

“Rose, you and Bell get out of her now.”

Bell didn’t hesitate to take me away out the door. But just as we passed, the one man recognized me. Sticking is foot out, I tripped. Falling to the floor, I cried. My poor baby! Anger cursed through me and a blinding light occurred as thought out of nowhere. Men shouting, screams from the other people in the shop. Confusion took over me. Until I heard his voice in my ear.

“Rose, it’s me. Everything is going to be okay.”

Nodding my head. I felt him carry me. Once outside, Bell was there talking to the police. An ambulance took away dead bodies. On a closer look it was the men who came to cause trouble. But how?

“It’s going to be okay, I will tell you everything.” Lucas gently whispered. I thought I was wind, since he was so soft.

My parents were in the hospital room where Lucas and I were siting. The doctors were doing tests to make sure our little one was okay. Crying my mother hugged me. My dad hugged Lucas and I almost thought I was hearing things.

“Welcome to the family, Lucas.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“I now know she will be safe in a warlock’s hands, especially with you.”

Right at that moment, I was stunned. Looking over I noticed Lucas caught my eye and was trying to read me. I turned away.

“I wanted to tell you, but I wanted to be sure.”

“Sure of what, Lucas?”

“That you loved me not because of my power but because of the man whom you think I am.”

Tears spilled down my cheeks, and just then the doctors came back in.

“Great news, the baby is fine. And will be healthy and strong.”

Sobs escaped my lips. I was so frightened we would lose our baby. But now all is well. And my husband is a Warlock. Things were looking up for my family and me.

Two months later, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl and boy. Their names are Melody and James. What their powers will be, is left to be seen.  For now, I am just enjoying the life I have with my husband whom my parents have accepted and whatever troubles may come our way, we will be ready.

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