Book Review: The Color of Happiness by K.P Gazelle

The Color of Happiness

The Color of Happiness by K.P. Gazelle is flawlessly beautiful. A romance that will move readers as they delve further into the addictive and luring plot. K.P. Gazelle’s talent in  bringing to life a raw and emotional story of a young girl who wants nothing more than to live a normal teenage life but has parents who don’t comprehend and others who traumatize her for thinking she has the best of everything. There’s Faith’s best friend whom helps her through everything and then there’s Alex. Another important and realistic character that has readers falling in love with him. As pressure builds up both from home and school, Faith busies herself with her dancing. The one thing that makes her feel good. Faith finds a deep courage within herself to stand up but can she keep standing when something so awful lures her to jumping off a cliff? Alex has his own secrets. Can these two find the strength to fight against all the odds?

A deep and intriguing masterpiece that readers everywhere will not want to miss. The Color of Happiness sends an awareness and a connection to its readers that won’t be lost. For fans of the Fault within Our Stars this novel is on brilliant piece that wont ever be forgotten. A heart wrenching and compelling story will last forever. I loved reading and following Faith on her journey and following Alex too. An irresistible romantic read for all. I would highly recommend this colorful novel to happiness as a must read. I give it a five out of five stars.

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