Book Review: Lucid by Jeffrey Bolden

Lucid is daring and intriguing novel that readers everywhere will enjoy. Jeffrey Bolden has spun a tale of mystery, murder, drugs and romance all into one compelling novel. His characters will leave readers engaged in his wonderful plot. A well written story that entices it readers deep into wondering what will happen next. As a reader, I wasn’t sure which path the main character, Saint, would take. He has major decisions to make regarding the rest of his life. Changes that will leave their marks on him forever both inside and out. Saint has always done things to ensure his survival. Now, he has Shia, his adopted brother’s ex-girlfriend, who is giving him small hints of interest , killed drug dealers for their drugs and money, and he has been offered an art scholarship. But which path will he take? Will Saint take the art scholarship or become a lonely murder?

Jeffrey Bolden has incorporated many real life aspects into his stunning masterpiece. He has taken a fictional novel to new heights showing readers the realistic horrors of life that many don’t see. We see or hear about it them in papers, but this novel opens our eyes to life’s harsh reality. I enjoyed reading this brilliantly written story. Saint has a lot going on his plate and hard decisions to make. Interesting novel to read. I would highly recommend Lucid to many. For this is one novel that readers must read. Life isn’t easy nor is making huge life altering decisions. Jeffrey has a talent for bringing his characters and story alive. Overall, I rate this a five out of five stars.

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  1. fyi michael and jeff shaara are excellent in the historical military fiction category, starting with the revolutionary war and going to ww ii, not sure if they wrote on any more recent conflicts but they are really good!!!!!!!!!! they are father and son and the son, i think michael definitely inherited his father’s gift for writing….


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