Book Review: Sweet Southern Trouble by Heather McGhee

Sweet Southern Trouble

Sweet Southern Trouble is indeed a must read romance. A southern sweet, luring, and funny romance that will beckon all readers to read it. Heather McGhee has the stunning talent in weaving  a noel full of gossips, scandals, and mystery all into one amazing novel. Blabbermouth Becky O’Shea is tasked with finding out more about her heritage. This quest her grandmother sends her on takes her to a town full of entertainment that will last her a lifetime. And maybe something a little more. Soon Becky meets police chief, Nick Harris, and instantly he wants her gone. Especially, because trouble is coming. Becky finds out old buried secrets and with a little luck new love.

I would highly recommend reading this brilliant well written novel. The story itself is compelling and realistically funny. It is fun following Becky as she uncovers and solves the truth of her heritage and finding new love. Fate always has a way of bringing others together in strange ways. A fascinating and intriguing read. Readers must pick up and read Sweet Southern Trouble. Heather McGhee is a very talented writer whose words pop off the pages and bring to life the amazing story inside. Overall, I rate this a five out of five stars.

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