Book Review: The Art of Going Home by Nicole Sorrell

The Art of Going Home by Nicole Sorrell is one that will forever lure readers deep within the heart of its plot. An engaging and heart melting story that will leave readers coming back to re-read the beautifully well written novel. Nicole definitely knows how to develop an intriguing plot and believable characters. Reading the first page, I could not stop reading until I finished the entire book. It’s definitely one novel readers won’t want to miss.  The story tells of love, lies, and self-destruction. The main character, Maddie Chandler, goes through one epic journey that will have readers falling in love with her.

At the age of ten, Maddie Chandler, ends up losing her twin sister. And then her mothers goes insane with the loss of her twin sister and is placed into an institution. Maddie’s family life as she once knew it is destroyed and she is then taken into the home of a family friend whom raises her. This family friend is soon called Aunt Ceci. Aunt Ceci raises Maddie like she was her own daughter. Maddie goes through high school and then leaves for college. It isn’t until the death of her Aunt Ceci that Maddie soon returns back to the town that was once called her home. But fate has a way of playing games especially with Maddie’s life. She is soon haunted by her sister’s ghost to find her sister’s murder. Maddie fears of going insane like her mother did when she was much younger. Then there’s her old high school crush, Zac.  Her memories of the horrible events in her past comes tumbling forward causing her to question everything she believes. Will Maddie find the person behind her sister’s murder? And what happens when she does?

The Art of Going Home is a compelling story that will leave readers wondering what happens next and who did it. The novel isn’t without its own surprising twists and an ending that readers weren’t excepting. A novel that has it all. Romance, mystery, and suspense all in one incredible book. I enjoyed reading Nicole Sorrell’s masterfully woven story and look forward to reading more of her brilliant works in the future. I would recommend this novel to every reader world-wide. This story is raw, stunning, and one perfect read. I rate it a five out of five stars.

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