Are you an an author of Christian fiction?

Are you an author of Christian fiction and would like your manuscript looked over by a publisher and gain a free book review for doing so, then please email me at:

Kelly Latte is the senior publisher in charge of publishing Christian Fiction. You can also email her at:

About our company:

We’re a traditional independent publishing firm, meaning once we sign an author, we cover the costs for all aspects of the publication of his/her title: editing, proofreading, cover design, printing, production, distribution, and marketing. We are not a vanity or subsidy press, so there is never a charge to our authors for any of the services we provide.

Our distribution network includes bookstores, libraries, and various retail outlets. We also have comprehensive digital distribution, through which the eBook versions of our titles are available for Kindle, Nook, Google Play, the iBookstore, and other etailers.

I realize other publishing firms require their authors to have their titles edited prior to submitting them for publication, but we don’t; rather, we have a team of editors and proofreaders on hand to cover all editing needs from start to finish.

We also provide comprehensive marketing & promotional support for all our authors, including obtaining pre-pub and post-pub literary reviews, the production and distribution of high quality book trailers, arranging virtual tours, booking media appearances, and securing various other promotional opportunities for them. This sets us apart from most other small presses, and again, all of this is provided for our authors at no charge.

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