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Blurb: Money. Murder. Drugs. For all of Saint’s life, that is all he had ever known. After Saint was taken from his abusive household and adopted, Saint grew to become Harrogate , TN’s very own outlaw, the modern equivalent of Wiley “Little” Harpe. For Saint, life is all about three things. Doing what he absolutely has to do to survive, the love he has for Shia, Saint’s adopted brother’s ex-girlfriend, and his dream of becoming a great artist. Saint had just murdered a couple Knoxville drug dealers for the drugs and money to survive. He had just been offered a scholarship to the University of Tennessee. And Shana, Shia’s ex-girlriend, is showing subtle interest in Saint, leaving the murderous Saint with two paths to walk down. Does he walk down the dark and lonely road of a killer who lusts after his older brother’s girlfriend or does he take the path of his namesake and chase his dream? And what will be the repercussions of his decision?

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