Book Review: Victim of Love by Christa Maurice


Victim of Love by Christa Maurice is definitely a must read. A novel full of spicy, hot, sizzling moments that will hook readers in forever. The story itself is a relationship that starts out as all sex, but then gradually grows to much more than either one thought. It takes an unexpected moment while sitting out in the sun reading a novel when a hot sexy bad ass rock star comes over to Tara. Tara is funny, smart, and luring to every man around her. She went through a bad experience with her ex boyfriend and is weary when Rick wants to take her out to dinner and tries to convince to have sex. Rick can’t deny the irresistible attraction that Tara causes him. He yearns to have in bed as soon as possible. But she keeps stalling him until he pushes away all of her remaining walls. Once Tara lets Rick into her bed neither she nor Rick can get enough of each other. Soon Rick invites Tara to the studio where the rest of his band mates are. Not only are his band mates there but to Tara’s complete shock so are three naked native women walking around and one in a bikini. As his band mates see Rick with Tara too of them plan to tear them apart. But will they succeed? Will Rick lose Tara due to his band mates? Fate has a strange way of placing two unlikely people in each others lives. I highly enjoyed this funny, hot, and addictive read. Readers will be able to finish this brilliant well written story in one sitting. Christa Maurice knows how to draw her readers into her novel and keep them reading. I loved how a woman like Tara was able to draw in someone like Rick and turn the bad boy into a good guy who wants no one but her and to settle down with her. Rick turned out to be the victim of Tara’s love, That kind of love is strong and sweet. I  recommend reading this romantic story that will heat up your nights. Overall, I give it a five out of five stars.

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