Joys of Being a Publisher

1. I get the honor to read many talented manuscripts.

2. I get to work with amazing authors.

3. My team of fellow publishers are the best to work with when handling different manuscripts and all.

4. I have sent out my first three publishing contracts. 🙂

5. I love knowing that soon there will be more published authors out there because of my tiny help.

6. The friendships you get to build up with the authors you sing on, is one that will last a lifetime.

7. Working with a team of editors, graphic artists, book reviewers, and marketers, is a dream come true.

8. Knowing that your time in looking at an author’s manuscript, is one step to bringing their dreams to a reality.

9. Hearing back the joy from an author when the have signed on to become published, is a moment I won’t forget.

10. The possibility of helping an infinite number of authors in making their dreams come true is the greatest joy any publisher can have.

4 thoughts on “Joys of Being a Publisher

    1. I can help direct you, depending on the genre you write in, if you need any help. I know, two urban/ street publishers, a YA publisher, and a Christian publisher. I do have other publisher’s information and what they look for in submissions. Ask me anytime. Thank you! 🙂

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