Book Review: Stay with Me / More of Me by Samantha Chase

Samantha Chase sure knows how to write incredible, hot, and addictive reads. Her stories are charming, luring, and beautifully woven. She is a New York Times best-selling author whose novels are loved by countless readers all over the world.  This collection of hers has two amazing novels for the price of one. Stay with Me is about a young man who is shocked to find that the one friend whom he reluctantly agreed to help is now a beautifully grown woman who stirs something deep within him. More of Me is about a cousin of the Montgomery’s who had a relationship with their wedding planer ten years ago and wants to reconnect with her. But will, she will to reconnect with him after ten years went by where he broke her heart?

Stay with Me by Samantha Chase is one exceptionally hot, sweet, and addictive story. Readers everywhere will instantly fall in love with all the characters and not just the main ones. A romance that sizzles with each turning page. Samantha Chase knows how to lure her readers in from just the first few lines. Her stunning plot gets hotter as two friends now adults are placed together everyday so close to each other. Gina was seven years younger than Mac but followed him everywhere. He was the one out of the three brothers who caught her heart when she was a teenager. But soon er parents’ rocky marriage turns to a divorce with her mother taking her away from her father, home, and friends. Everything she ever knew was left behind. And her father never chased after her or her mom. Gina thought it was because her father never cared but soon she is taken back to the place she left. Her father has very little time left and is dying.  His best friend helps with planning on getting Gina matched up with his oldest son, Mac. But will these two be able to feel a connection. Mac is sent to to pick Gina up at the airport. But what he wasn’t expecting was for her to be all grown up and gorgeously beautiful. Just seeing her has him all messed up. His father though forces Mac to watch over Gina while she’s back visiting her father in the hospital. Soon things get heated in more than one way when the two are left alone. But can Mac, a super control freak be brave enough to let in Gina? Or will he lose her forever? Stay with Me is definitely one read readers won’t want to miss. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

More of Me by Samantha Chase is just as amazing as story before it. The Montgomery men are the most incredible, sexy, and irresistible men that readers will ever find. Mac Montgomery and his fiancee Gina are planning their wedding. Gina’s mom fell and broke her hip and Gina needs to go help her mom and Mac has a business trip that he needs to attend at the same time. So, they hire Mac’s father to help them. The same man who helped Mac and Gina find love with each other and helped his younger to brothers find their perfect match. But, Mac’s father isn’t finished playing matchmaker yet. The wedding planner turns out to know their cousin Ryder Montgomery. Apparently they dated briefly. And Mac’s father didn’t hesitate in getting Casey, the wedding planner, and Ryder Montgomery into working with each other. Ryder stops by Casey’s house wher he finds out that he as been hired to help her choose a wedding location for his cousin Mac’s wedding. Ryder  enjoys the chance to work with Casey as he want s her back in his life. But Casey doesn’t want Ryder back in her life. Can Ryder convince Casey to let him back into her life or will he lose the woman of his dreams forever?

A hot and unpredictable romance that will heat up readers in way that sends them back reading more. Samantha Chase has a talent for writing the most incredible stories that heart warming and realistically believable. Readers will have no trouble falling for each one of the characters as well as for the story. The plot takes readers deep into each characters heart and on a journey where they discover the truth and what they really want in life. Each one of the Montgomery men have had to search deeply into their minds and heart asking themselves what they really need in life. I found them each one to spectacular and give each novel a five out of five stars. Stay with Me and More of Me are must reads!

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