Book Review: You’re My Best Friend by Casey O’Reilly

You're My Best Friend (Diana & Chris#1)

You’re My Best Friend by Casey O’Reilly is a must read for all readers. Her compelling story will blow readers away with her engaging words. But, I will also say beware of the heat that comes forth from reading the romance that pops off the pages. A story how how to best friends have shared a few moments of brief kisses. One such night they kiss, Diana thought her best friend Chris didn’t like it. And so she went to another man at her birthday party and from there was seeing the guy. But soon, the relationship comes to an end, and Chris just like any best friends comes stumbling to save his best friend. He makes her hot chocolate that she loves and gets her out of her sad mood swing. He tells her the guy was a jerk and that he’s happy she’s not with him anymore. Stunned Diana doesn’t know what to make of this. Does Chris like her more than just best friends? Or is he just being a good best friend? And what is to happen between them now if Chris does bring up his feelings for her?

A flawlessly written story that I would highly recommend to readers everywhere. Casey O’ Reilly knows how to lure her readers deep into her novel and place them right into each of her characters’ shoes. A heart melting novel of real life love that does happen for some. You’re My Best Friend is one novel readers should pick up and read. A perfect romance for any time of day. Overall, I rate if a five out of five stars.

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