Three Romance Authors

I am super happy to say that 3 romances authors have agreed to have me look over their manuscripts for publishing. I am beyond excited to help these authors with every step in becoming published by the publishing house where I work. I am a senior publisher of the adult romance department. I have helped 1 YA author become published and have another two authors who might be published as well. Out of these two other authors, one is another YA author and the other is a science fiction fantasy author.

To be a part of the process in helping authors become published is a dream come true. I never thought that I would have been able to do this so soon. I kept thinking one day in the future I would like to help authors become published and now, I can officially say I am helping authors. It’s the greatest blessing and honor to be able to work with authors with the publishing process.

I will keep you all posted on which authors have been published and what their novels are all about when the time comes. Also, just for those wondering the publishing company that I work for is called Pulse. Pulse is an exciting new traditional publishing imprint committed to cultivating and promoting the works of authors from all walks of life.
Through our innovative, modern approach to publishing, we seek to foster the success of established authors seeking to enhance their publishing efforts, as well as aspiring authors looking to make their mark in the literary world.

Pulse publishes titles in the following categories:

-Urban/Street Romance

– Christian

– YA – All sub-genres are welcomed!

– Erotica

– Science Fiction Fantasy

– Adult Romances – All sub-genres in the adult romance category are welcomed!

If you are interested in being published, please send your query letter and manuscript to me at:

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