Book Review: Caught Up in You by Kim Boykin

Caught Up in You by Kim Boykin is indeed a must read for all. Shelby Worthington attends her baby sister’s wedding and realizes that she too wants that same happiness for herself. But fate has a way of bringing Shelby not just any man but the man who was her high school and college crush, Declan Enright. She still wants Declan but his history of  running away from marriage leaves her wondering if he would break her heart too.  Declan is back to help take care of his dying father. Even if his father won’t forgive him for not taking up the family business. Readers will see how Declan changes into a new man and how he chases after Shelby. Both Shelby and Declan get tangled up in one another but where will fate leave them?

Kim Boykin’s novel was outstanding. The characters pop off the pages. And Declan’s thoughts paint vivid images within readers minds. Declan is an artist after all. Declan’s father makes the novel a perfect read. He makes his son look bad but readers will see the love that these intriguing characters share.  I enjoyed reading Caught Up in You. I would highly recommend readers everywhere to read this extraordinary romance that will melt the heart of every reader. Overall, I give it a five out of five stars.

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